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We accept all major insurance plans, including Medicare. We will always verify your benefits to make sure though.

In most instances you don’t need a doctor’s prescription for physical therapy for the first 30 days of treatment, or the first 10 visits. The only exception is Medicare.

On your first visit please bring your doctor’s prescription for physical therapy, your insurance card, and any pertinent medical information: i.e radiology reports.

All exams are private. Loose-fitting, comfortable clothing is recommended. You may want to wear or bring shorts if we are treating an ankle, knee or hip. Or a tank top if treating elbow or shoulder.

The first visit, the initial evaluation, takes one hour. Follow ups take about 50-60 min.

The number of treatments will depend on the problem and individual. After a thorough assessment the physical therapist will discuss their treatment plan with you, including frequency of visits and estimated duration of the program.

To develop a personalized therapy program we take your history - then the therapist examines you performing relevant tests and measurements in order to know best how to help you bounce back.

Convenient location inside London Terrace Gardens between 9th & 10th avenues, Bounce Back PT can he reached by public transportation by the C and E trains @ 23rd st station and 1 @ 23rd st station. By bus the best options are the M11 and 23rd crosstown.