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Bounce Back Physical Therapy was founded in 2005 by Paul Evora and Dana Gordon at 25th street between 10th & 11th ave as a boutique clinic, small, intimate. After about 5 years they moved to our current location at 24th street between 9th & 10th ave inside the historic London Terrace Gardens.

In 2016 Fabricio Rodrigues joined the family as an employee and after a little over a year became its owner. Since its foundation, Bounce Back’s model has been of privacy, 1-on-1 attention, and hour-long sessions - the best model for the practitioner and the client. We are proud to stick to this model to this day.

Bounce Back is conveniently located on the first floor of 430 West 24th street, right by the building’s entrance which makes it easily accessible from the street. We are handicap accessible. We have two individual treatment rooms, a full bathroom and a waiting area as seen in the photos and video tour on this page. Bounce Back is fully equipped with balance equipment (i.e Bosu, step ladder, cones), strength equipment (i.e dumbbells, kettlebells, barbels, plates, cable column, elastic bands, TRX), cardio machines (i.e treadmill, stationary bike, rower machine), besides a plyo box, a Pilates Reformer, Swiss balls, medicine balls etc.